15 Sep 2015

New Video Tutorial - Beginners Guide to Polishing Bronze Metal Clay

There are different ways you can finish your bronze metal clay pieces. You can leave them as is, or give them a patina for a more antique look, or polish them to a beautiful golden sheen. If you want to do the latter a new video tutorial is now available! A Beginners Guide to Polishing Bronze Metal Clay looks at a couple of ways you can get your bronze metal clay pieces polished and shiny, i.e. manually using sandpaper or an electric tool such as a Dremel, and compliments our written guide to polishing bronze metal clay.

You can view the tutorial now on our new tutorials section of the Bonschelle website.

9 Sep 2015

Making Jewellery Magazine feature - Bonschelle Bronze Metal Clay Kit

I have to admit I am very excited to see our Bronze Metal Clay Starter Kit featured in the September 2015 edition of Making Jewellery magazine. The magazine covers lots of projects and materials for making jewellery and is one of the very few magazines left dedicated purely to jewellery making.

The kit was tested, rather than this being a paid promotion, so it's great to have an honest review. The author had not used powdered clay before, so it shows how useful and easy the kit is for metal clay beginners, or even those who have perhaps tried silver or copper clay, but not bronze. There are some good pictures showing the kit contents being used.

The idea behind the kit is to introduce metal clay with all it's versatility to crafters to make their own jewellery or small accessories. Not everyone has heard of metal clay and it's nice to see magazines like this introducing this medium to readers.

To see the product testing article grab a copy of Making Jewellery Magazine from your newsagents, or you can buy the issue online .

For detailed information about the kit visit our Metal Clay section at Bonschelle