27 Jun 2015

Bonschelle Bronze Metal Clay Kit Overview

We've uploaded a new video to YouTube, this time a quick overview of what's in our Bronze Metal Clay Starter Kit. You can view this below or over at YouTube (http://youtu.be/B49USb8zCwc). The kit contains forming, texturing and polishing tools along with jewellery findings. We thought we'd also post below a little explanation of the tools - this is really aimed at the complete beginner to metal clay rather than the experience user who may already have some of these or be familiar with them and their uses.

So here's a run down of all the tools and supplies you'll receive in the kit:

Kit box - so first up is our Kit box - we've assembled the kit in a sturdy,  useful A5 size perspex container, handy to keep your metal clay supplies (or anything else you fancy!).
Quick Start Guide - a printed quick start guide is included to help you start making your own beautiful creations. You also get a link to a free downloadable PDF with full colour images and a step-by-step guide to making a pendant and matching earrings. There are also useful sections on tips & tricks and troubleshooting.
Metal Clay - a jar of 50g of our Bronze Metal Clay is included.
Acrylic Roller - so useful in rolling out out the clay before texturing or cutting out shapes. As it's acrylic it's non-stick, and very solid whilst being light.
Needle Tool - this helps to carve out shapes for pendants etc. especially when using a shape template. We find it has lots of other uses to such as making textures, picking up cut off pieces of clay rather than using fingers (which aren't always deft enough!)
Stir stick - useful for mixing the clay. The clay powder is mixed with water to the right consistency. The flat shape of the stick helps mix with a cutting motion and assists with scraping the mixed clay out of the jar.
Shape template - included is a perspex template with 27 different size oval shapes, great for making pendants and earrings and a useful tool in beginning jewellery making. The project in the full colour downloadable PDF that goes with the kit uses this to make a pendant and matching earring. Templates and cutters are indispensable in metal clay work unless you can draw shapes well freehand! Unless of course you want a more organic look to your shapes.
Spacers - the set of 1.5mm spacers help to ensure the clay is rolled out to an even thickness throughout. This gives a much more professional look to jewellery when it's finished. Some people like to use playing cards, but we find that these acrylic spacers are easier to work with, are durable, clean up easily, last longer, and you can always be sure of getting the same thickness results every time.
Sandpaper sheets - these 3 sheets have a dual function: they can be used to neaten up edges and surfaces of unbaked dried clay before firing to ensure a professional finish. You can smooth off edges with your fingers whilst the clay is still 'wet', but if pieces are thin or you are making a delicate design it can be easier to do once dry. Secondly they are use to polish the fired clay by using the grits in succession. This will give a high shine, or alternatively an electric hand polishing tool can be used (e.g. a Dremel with radial polishing wheels). But for beginners using sandpaper gives an appreciation of the polishing process, which can be applied to other metals too such as silver.
Pro-polishing Pad - this is used as a final stage to polishing to buff up, but we find they are great for polishing up any pieces that might have tarnished over time. These work for silver too.
Mini texture mat - almost anything can be used to create textures in metal clay, but it's nice also to have a texture mat to work with on your first projects. Large mats can be a bit pricey and when you are starting out you might not want to spend too much on ordering them (and paying for postage..), so a mini texture mat is included which has a beautiful detailed design. It's easy to use and keep clean and be used many times.
Non-stick work sheet - included for convenience. The sheet included is made of teflon so you'll have no problems with sticking clay during the creation process.
Jewellery findings - it can be frustrating to have a kit which shows you how to complete something yet doesn't provide what you need. We want you to be able to make and wear your creations once fired so we've include jump rings, leather cord and earwires. If you are new to jewellery making this also gives you an insight into what findings you can purchase and how to attach them.

To purchase the kit visit us at  Bonschelle or you can find it at the Bonschelle Etsy store

If you have any questions about the kit feel free to post your questions below or contact us .