27 Mar 2015

Welcoming Spring and New Creativity

The Daffodils are here!
©H Masters 2015

Spring it seems is finally upon us. It's one of our favourite times of year as the trees with their blossoms look so beautiful, and of course we get a bit more sunshine! The daffodils are in full bloom and the garden feels like it's coming to life, with buds growing, and birds nesting. We have a bird nesting box in the garden which a Blue Tit family has made it's home. We wish we could capture some shots of them - we've have to make do with the flowers for now...

Not sure what these are called..but they are so pretty
©H Masters 2015

With the brighter days and more sunshine it does feel like it perks you up, and helps fuel our creativity. It's amazing how the sun can affect your mood. Having said that,  April has turned out to be quite chilly at times in past years, and with the English weather being what it is, you never know it might snow! Still, we'll try to enjoy the sunshine for now.

We've been busy creating more designs. Some are still a work in progress which we hope to have up soon, and a couple have already featured in our webstore and at Etsy and Bonanza.