6 Feb 2015

Valentine's Day - take the time to say I love you....

Valentine's day is shortly upon us again. It's easy nowadays to see it as just a big commercial opportunity by businesses to sell us stuff. But we think it's still more than that - it's a reminder to let those who are special to you in your life, whether it be a partner, family or friends, that you value them and care about them. It's easy to go about our everyday busy lives and forget to say the little things which mean so much, like 'thank you', and  'I love you'. Valentine's Day gives us a little nudge if we've been a bit lax in showing our appreciation and love for those important people in our lives.

But where did the yearly celebration originate? According to the History Channel's website it seems to be a bit of a mystery but is believed to be based on both Christian and ancient Roman tradition. One story is that a priest called Valentine defied Emperor Claudius II's ruling that young men could not be married (so that they would be better soldiers). So Valentine performed the marriages in secret, and when discovered was put to death by Claudius. Another story is that it is the  Christian church's attempt to Christianize the the pagan celebration of Lupercalia, a fertility festival,  which occurred in February. There are other stories too, and more than one  historical figure named Valentine. Valentine's Day as a custom developed first in England, but has now spread to many countries across the globe including China and India.

Say 'Valentine's Day' and the first thing you probably think of is flowers and chocolate (we never say no to chocolate...!). But it's also nice to make a gift have a more personal and thoughtful feel by making a gift or cards (if you have time!). We've been busy making hearts and other trinkets for Valentines day with our bronze metal clay (see our website for more details), and some of our heart pendant designs are on sale now.

Whatever we all do for Valentine's Day, lets not forget to say I love you and show appreciation throughout the year too!

Image: Contemporary Heart Pendant Necklace by Bonschelle