28 Oct 2014

Bonschelle Bronze Metal Clay - coming soon!

We love using metal clay and currently use it make all our own jewellery. Our journey with metal clay as led us to create our own brand which will be available very soon! We will also have a starter kit, so if you have never used metal clay before you can have a go with confidence. You can make jewellery, accessories or anything else you can creatively think of, and you don't need to have metalsmithing or jewellery making skills to get started.

More details coming soon...

17 Oct 2014

Bonschelle jewellery now available on Amazon

Many people are comfortable and used to using Amazon to shop for a lot of the products they want to find online, and Amazon is now a trusted household name. We are therefore pleased to announce that you can now find selected Bonschelle jewellery items on Amazon.co.uk. Our prices are slightly higher on Amazon but we understand that customers might wish to shop in one place for items, with a familiar large online retail outlet. You will still get the same great service and quality from Bonschelle!

We have a limited selection of pendant necklaces available on Amazon at the moment but will be expanding the collection there soon - just search for our name to find us there, or go direct to our Amazon listing page.

If you have any questions about buying from Bonschelle through our own web store or through Amazon please don't hesistate to contact us!

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10 Oct 2014

Bonschelle Breast Cancer Resource Community at Google Plus

One thing we noticed during our experience of breast cancer is that there is a wealth of experience, advice and information out there regarding breast cancer but not everyone will get the same information or advice. Quite often someone will have knowledge, tips or information which has helped them which someone else has not been given.

We are attempting in our own small way to help remedy this. Over at Google Plus we've set up a community for breast cancer with the aim of providing useful information, links, resources, or just tips and advice. We hope it will be a useful central point for resources for anyone at any stage of diagnosis and treatment, or for anyone that knows someone going through this who would like to know more, and this is for both men and women.

If you would like to join the community and contribute you can find us at the following link:

Bonschelle Breast Cancer Resource Community 

3 Oct 2014

10 Reasons to Shop at Bonschelle

There are countless online jewellery retailers these days, from individual sellers to large established global companies. With so much choice out there why should you shop at Bonschelle? Well, we value our customers so we offer the following:

1. Unique jewellery designs: We offer a great range of unique and unusual designs. You won't find our designs on the high street. Stand out from the crowd!

2. Free Shipping: That's right - the item price you see is the actual price you pay - no nasty surprises at  checkout!

3. Easy to navigate site: Clear navigation and links are provided on each page

4. Clear product information: Each item is described with full details so you know exactly what you will be getting.

5. Secure registration: Your name, address etc. is encrypted when sent during account creation. You'll see https:// and a padlock in your browser bar which you can click on  to get more information (you may also like to read 7 Tips for shopping safely online)

6. Secure checkout and payment: we don't store any credit card information on our website. Checkout is securely made with PayPal, either with your PayPal account or by debit/credit card (for more information about Paypal security visit their information page)

7. Privacy: We don't share your personal details with third parties (for more information see our Privacy Policy)

8. Jewellery Box included with every order: No having to buy a box separately to keep it in or if you want to send an item as a gift (see reason 9!)

9. Gifting made Easy: We sell e-gift vouchers for when you just can't decide what to get someone, but if you do buy jewellery each piece comes in a stylish jewellery box and we can deliver to the recipient's address at no extra cost.

10. Making a difference: We donate from our profits to a charitable cause, so each purchase you make makes a difference! See our Charity donations page for more information.

But don't take our word for it! Create an account at Bonschelle today and see for yourself, and if you have any questions or feedback about shopping at Bonschelle please feel free to contact us.

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