5 Sep 2014

Tips on storing and caring for jewellery

Jewellery can last a lifetime. Once you have bought some jewellery you want to keep it looking good. Silver and base metals naturally tarnish over time - tarnish is a natural reaction to airborne chemicals, moisture,  and oils from our skin (e.g. from sweat or lotions applied). Some people like the way natural tarnish looks, as this can give an antique look. But if you don't see our tips below. 

  • Remove jewellery before bathing or swimming. Water, salt and chemicals such as chlorine can contribute to tarnishing of metals. 
  • Before putting your jewellery away at the end of the day wipe it with a soft cloth to remove any oils and moisture which have transferred from your skin throughout the day
  • Keep  jewellery stored in a tightly closed box, or sealed plastic bag. This helps reduce contact with the air and hence tarnishing. You could also try enclosing an anti-tarnish strip or store jewellery in an anti-tarnish bag. These can be easily purchased online (an anti-tarnish bag comes with all Bonschelle jewellery)
  • To polish jewellery try not to use very harsh or abrasive chemicals. Silver polishing pads work well, or good quality metal polishes for base metals such as Wernol (Glanol). Buff with a soft cloth. If the jewellery item contains non-metallic parts such as stones or colour accents be careful to work around these areas so as not to scratch them. A cotton bud is ideal for this!
  • Clean gemstones using a soft toothbrush and a very mild soap to remove dirt. Ensure the item is dried thoroughly before storing away
  • If in doubt as to how to clean your jewellery without damaging it's best to  get it professionally cleaned

If you have any questions about Bonschelle jewellery please contact us via the Contact Us page. If you are interested in the metals we use, please visit our Jewellery Metals page.

Image ©H Masters 2014

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