26 Sep 2014

Supporting Breast Cancer Care

At Bonschelle we are committed to providing support where we can to charity. We believe businesses should help give a voice and exposure to causes and charities in whatever way is possible for them. They are often in a better position to provide support financially or otherwise than the individual is.

Part of the inspiriation behind Bonschelle is our own personal experience of breast cancer in our family. We therefore are pleased to be able to provide support to the charity which we found helpful and which we believe does important work, Breast Cancer Care in the UK (Registered Charity in England and Wales 1017658). For more information on what we are doing and how buying from Bonschelle can make a difference please see our website page Charity Donations.

20 Sep 2014

The beauty of Bronze

Bronze is a wonderful metal. It is very durable and corrosion resistant. When formed and polished it can have a beautiful high polish or matt sheen with a wonderful golden tone. It provides a great alternative to gold, and jewellery made from bronze can look just as stunning as gold. With gold prices being so high, you can have a luxurious piece of jewellery without the expensive price tag!

Bronze has been around since before 3000BC. It is a metal alloy with the primary metal being copper, but because it is mixed with other metals, such as tin, aluminium or zinc, it is harder than copper. Commonly today the mixture is copper and tin, and the Bronze used at Bonschelle consists of this mix. Interestingly, it is also harder than pure iron and more corrosion resistant . The Encyclopedia Britannica notes that the change to using iron for tools and weapons from 1000BC was not due to superior qualities of iron, but because of the abundance of iron compared to copper and tin.

In it's history bronze has been, and is still, used for a wide range of applications from tableware, statuary, coinage to ship propellers, electrical motor bearings, durable tools and mechanical engineering. And of course...jewellery making!

The Bonschelle bronze jewellery collection will be available online from the beginning of September. Discover the beauty of bronze jewellery by visiting Bonschelle online.

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12 Sep 2014

7 Tips for Shopping Safely Online

I don't think anyone can deny that the internet has changed the way we shop. With just a few clicks we can buy almost anything we want from the comfort of our home, avoiding the shopper crowds, inclement weather or whatever else doesn't seem so attractive about going out to shop.

But convenience doesn't come without some cost and that cost has been the increase in fraud and identity theft. But it's not all doom and gloom! There are some basic simple actions you can take to help ensure your online accounts and privacy are not compromised.

  • Never give more personal information than is required - no-one needs to know your social security number!
  • When choosing a password the longer the better - use a minimum of 7 characters and try to use a mix of numbers, letters, and special characters. This will provide a stronger password. Try and avoid using common everyday words for the password. It may be tempting to use easy to remember words or dates but these are more easily guessed and broken by brute force.
  • Never share your password with anyone
  • When paying for goods online or submitting personal information (for example when creating accounts), ensure the padlock symbol is showing the browser bar. This must be followed by "https://" rather than the plain "http://" at the start of the web address, and means that the information you are submitting will be encrypted when it is sent, making it harder for someone to 'eavesdrop' on your communication.

  • Check the privacy policy of sites you register with so you know what they do with your personal information, for example do they share it with third parties?
  • If you believe your password or account has been compromised inform the website owners immediately
  • Help keep your computer secure by keeping it up-to-date with antivirus and anti-spam software and the latest operating system updates. 

At Bonschelle we never share your information with third parties and don't collect or store any credit card information. For more details on the Bonschelle privacy policy please visit the Privacy Policy section of our Terms and Conditions.

For more tips and information about shopping safely online you may like to visit the websites listed below:
Get Safe Online (UK Site)
Stay Safe Online (US Site)

Happy Shopping!

Image Credits:
[1] Ecommerce credit cards by Stormkatt at flickr https://flic.kr/p/dLXmXM
[2] Browser bar by H Masters

5 Sep 2014

Tips on storing and caring for jewellery

Jewellery can last a lifetime. Once you have bought some jewellery you want to keep it looking good. Silver and base metals naturally tarnish over time - tarnish is a natural reaction to airborne chemicals, moisture,  and oils from our skin (e.g. from sweat or lotions applied). Some people like the way natural tarnish looks, as this can give an antique look. But if you don't see our tips below. 

  • Remove jewellery before bathing or swimming. Water, salt and chemicals such as chlorine can contribute to tarnishing of metals. 
  • Before putting your jewellery away at the end of the day wipe it with a soft cloth to remove any oils and moisture which have transferred from your skin throughout the day
  • Keep  jewellery stored in a tightly closed box, or sealed plastic bag. This helps reduce contact with the air and hence tarnishing. You could also try enclosing an anti-tarnish strip or store jewellery in an anti-tarnish bag. These can be easily purchased online (an anti-tarnish bag comes with all Bonschelle jewellery)
  • To polish jewellery try not to use very harsh or abrasive chemicals. Silver polishing pads work well, or good quality metal polishes for base metals such as Wernol (Glanol). Buff with a soft cloth. If the jewellery item contains non-metallic parts such as stones or colour accents be careful to work around these areas so as not to scratch them. A cotton bud is ideal for this!
  • Clean gemstones using a soft toothbrush and a very mild soap to remove dirt. Ensure the item is dried thoroughly before storing away
  • If in doubt as to how to clean your jewellery without damaging it's best to  get it professionally cleaned

If you have any questions about Bonschelle jewellery please contact us via the Contact Us page. If you are interested in the metals we use, please visit our Jewellery Metals page.

Image ©H Masters 2014